NFTs drop at 4/30/22, 7:30 AM!

not - your - another - regular - NFT - collectible

Become a Beerverse co-owner and DAO member

Welcome to the Beerverse

BeerPunks is a unique generative collection of 4200 randomly generated BeerPunk avatars created using over 450 unique traits. BeerPunk owners will be able to use their NFTs as avatars in the CryptoBrewMaster game

Each BeerPunk is unique and programmatically generated from over 450 possible traits, such as background, headwear or haircut, clothing, bracelets, beer, tattoos, and more.

BeerPunks are stored as NFT tokens on the Near blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Initial BeerPunk cost is 5.55 NEAR.


✅ 10% Sold - BeerPunks DAO Establishing

✅ 20% Sold - Adding BeerPunks Avatars to CryptoBrewMaster and Ocean Planet games

✅ 40% Sold - BeerPunks Getting Alive as PVP characters in Ocean Planet and CryptoBrewMaster

✅ 60% Sold - 50% of all the market fees are fairly distributed among the BeerPunks Holders

✅ 80% Sold - Cryptobrewmaster Metaverse start of the development

✅ 100% Sold - Further Promotion and DAO Regulations

Minting Schedule

🤟 Total 4000 NFT's available for minting

🏪 200 left for Team Treasury

✅ Community Whitelist + Early Contributors - 555 WL spots no more then 2 NFT's for one wallet - 30/04/2022 | 5,55 NEAR

✅ Public sale: remaining NFT's no more then 5 NFT's for one wallet - 01/05/2022 - 7,77 NEAR


Andrii Kysil

CEO / Co-founder / tech


CEO / Co-founder


Art Director

Aleks Chusov

Advisor / Marketing support @ First NFT Agency

Our Projects


Craft Beer Brewing game

Ocean Planet

Post apocalypse economic strategy and pvp


Fishing, farming and restaurant supply strategy